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SEO Case Study:


In June of 2019, Rankshape, LLC launched a live case study website called

The purpose of this website is to give our clients live examples of how Rankshape’s SEO services and marketing strategies can work. Although BikeTrue is not a brick-and-mortar business nor does it directly sell products or services, we aim to highlight how SEO optimization, keyword research, keyword-targeted blog content, and inbound links can generate significant organic traffic to a website over time.

Our Process

Website Architecture

BikeTrue was designed to have a simple and logical website architecture. Each page, subpage, and blog post are optimized for SEO, including correct title tags, headings, meta tags, keyword density, images, and a basic list of other on-page SEO necessities.

Keyword Research

Using ahrefs, an SEO and competitor research tool, we compiled a list of approximately 50 distinctly different keywords we wanted to write and rank blog pages for in the next 12 to 18 months. Our goal was to select keywords that were pertinent to our website, fairly uncompetitive, and estimated to receive at least 50 searches per month.

Blog Content

Once our keywords were selected, we wrote (and are continuing to write) one blog article for each seed keyword and other associated keywords. The blog articles are written to be as informative as possible for the reader.


Over time, Rankshape will promote the BikeTrue website to generate interest in the brand. The goal is to produce genuine links from other resources that point to our website.

Next Steps

Periodically, we will publish traffic information and other pertinent information on the success of the BikeTrue website. If you’d like to stay informed on the status of the project, you are more than welcome to join our email list to receive regular updates.


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